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Pozitif Arena, Istanbul

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Pozitif Arena follows in the footsteps of The Heineken Music Hall, and the Ziggo Dome of the Netherlands, the goal of the project being ‘perfect amplified music’ has been achieved using the experience of these venues. Pozitif Arena has a seated capacity of 5,000, all of which are the Integra IT223 chair with rail mounted armrests and cupholders. 2,000 of the chairs are on the ‘Grid’ floor system, enabling increased flexibility for the different event modes.

Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo

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Corinthians Arena will hold 6 soccer matches during the 2014 world cup in Brazil, including one semi-final, and was also the location of the impressive opening ceremony.  The 40,000 seat stadium (over 60,000 when including demountable seating) completed by Bluecube Brazil is a top of the line arena with all seats being the integra type in white colour.