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The Gabba, Australia

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The new camera platforms at The Gabba are using the flexible tech deck system, and are designed to be relocatable for different event modes. The chairs located under the platforms are installed using the easily removable fast latch solution to make setup quick and easy from seating to camera platform mode.

Centura high back chair

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With the increasing riser heights in the upper tier, there was a need to create a high back chair that rose 500mm above the tread on the row above. The centrua highback chair is 200mm higher than our standard centura backrest.

Luxura Business

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We have extended our high end chair range by introducing the Luxura Business, with extra width armrest, heating and USB charging options, this chair has it all. Perfect for VVIP areas or Directors boxes

techdeck – modular deck system

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Bluecubes new ‘techdeck’ modular decking system is proving to be a hit in the wheelchair areas of stadiums. When venues aren’t sure about their requirements from game to game, techdeck offers the flexibility to change between seating or platforms quickly and easily. Call bluecube now for more details on this sytem.